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If you live in Freeport or anywhere in Nassau County and are experiencing marital difficulties, please call us for a free consultation. We can discuss your options, including; uncontested divorce, mediation, and counseling, as well as contested divorce, if need be.  Going through a divorce or child custody battle is stressful, to say the least, especially if you have young children. There are ways to mitigate the misery by streamlining the process. This is done by hiring the right Freeport divorce lawyer to do your bidding in court. The right lawyer can turn ‘lemons into lemonade’, as the saying goes. Sometimes, with the right skill and maneuvering, they can turn things around, even when all hope seems lost. Take a positive step forward and get a free phone or zoom consult with, some say, are the best divorce attorneys in Freeport and Nassau County. We help our clients with; uncontested divorce, child custody, high net-worth divorce, visitation, support matters, contested divorce, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and same-sex divorce. You’re entitled to the support and legal guidance of a family lawyer who will really fight for you in court, not just ‘lay down’. Why not take advantage of it?

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If you live anywhere in Nassau County, such as Mineola, Garden City, Hicksville, Plainview, or Westbury, and you are experiencing any sort of marital difficulty that may end in divorce, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We handle all divorce matters, including; uncontested divorce, high net-worth divorce, mediation, collaborative divorce, modification of court orders pertaining to visitation, as well as Restraining Orders, also referred to as Orders of Protection.  

   The divorce process can be lengthy and time-consuming. There are things, however, that you can do before you begin the divorce to increase the likelihood of a fair outcome.  Be prepared and organized – using a checklist can help you make better decisions in this confusing time.


Planning for Divorce: An Essential Checklist for Getting Started

Consider whether you and your partner can agree on all the major problems that will arise throughout the divorce. If you and your spouse have children, you must figure out how to handle issues like child support, custody arrangements, and property split. If you agree on all these issues, you can manage your divorce without a lawyer, either by using a do-it-yourself divorce service or by working with a mediator. Whatever route you choose, you should always consider a free consultation with an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County.   A divorce court may be your only option if you two can’t settle your differences amicably.

Get your marriage license and estate planning documents to start your official documents file. Gather all relevant legal documents, including marriage licenses, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, estate plans, and life insurance policies.

Make a list of everything you own together and everything you owe to anyone, including credit card companies, medical providers, insurance companies, and any other financial institutions. Check your brokerage, checking, and savings account statements. Look for proof of your financial obligations as a couple, such as mortgages, car payments, retirement savings, and education costs. During the marriage, either partner may have accumulated retirement or pension funds.

Although no jurisdiction mandates it, it is often in the best interest of both parties to seek legal counsel before initiating the divorce process or agreeing to the marriage settlement agreement (MSA). Though legal representation will add to your divorce bill, it could save you time and energy and guarantee your rights.

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Child Custody

When you end your marriage in Nassau County, the Supreme Court decides which parent gets custody of the minor child or children. If no divorce action is pending in Supreme Court, child custody is decided in Family Court . Custody consists of physical and legal custody. Physical custody means which parent the child or children will live with, or if the child will live...with both parents on different days. Legal custody pertains to legal decisions made on behalf of the child such as which school the child will attend, medical decisions, and the like. The court determines which parent willretain custody of the children based on the best interests of the child. Although it’s not a legal requirement to have a lawyer in Family court, you really should consult one before taking any steps on your own. Having one of the best Nassau County family lawyers representing you can make all the difference in the world when it comes to child custody matters.

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High Net-Worth Divorce

If you are a high net-worth individual living in Freeport, NY. and considering a divorce, please call us for a free consultation. If you own a home, vacation properties, a mutual fund, or a business, dividing these assets in court can be daunting. There are many factors to be considered, such as; who brought which assets into the marriage, and what assets were accrued during the marriage, to name a few. It is the court’s job to determine which assets belong to which spouse. This is when having a highly experienced Freeport divorce lawyer who specializes in high net-worth divorce can make all the difference. Save your assets! Call now for your free divorce consultation. You have everything to gain. 

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Child Support

As a rule, child support in NYS is governed by a formula which calculates the approximate payment. There may be other factors which can affect this calculation, so you may want to consult an attorney to find out more. Here is a link to the government website which helps you calculate the amount you may pay for support:


Get Spousal Support During the Divorce!

Divorce Lawyer Freeport: Alimony

Alimony is also referred to as spousal support or maintenance. It can be long or short- term, depending. A short -term support motion can be made by your lawyer for spousal support while the divorce is still going on. A court will take some of the following into account when determining which spouse will pay what amount; the current and future estimated incomes of both spouses, and whether or not children from the marriage are disabled and will need long-term care, to name a few.

Alimony is a very complex aspect of divorce and needs the oversight of a skilled attorney who knows how to pay attention to the details, without letting things slip through the cracks.

If you have a pending divorce proceeding and have any questions, or want a second opinion on your current divorce, please give us a call. We’re here to help you.

Divorce Lawyer Freeport:
Visitation Rights

A Petition for Visitation can be filed in court by  anyone who is significant to the child’s life, such as the parents, grandparents, and even siblings. The court  will make it’s determination based on arguments submitted by both sides. 

This is when the quality of your lawyer comes into play. Sometimes lawyers may use ‘smear tactics’ including false allegations in order to win more visitation time for their clients. If you’re faced with this situation, you need strong representation from an experienced Nassau County Divorce Lawyer with the knowledge and skill needed to stand up to such an opponent. An experienced divorce lawyer has been in this situation before and knows how to handle it.  Attacks on your parenting ability and integrity can not go unanswered in court. Hire the right lawyer and win the visitation you deserve.

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Divorce Lawyer Freeport: Prenup Experts!

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Couples planning on getting married may consider making a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets going into the marriage. This document, also referred to as a premarital agreement, defines the property owned by each of the future spouses and the property rights available to them if the marriage ends in a divorce. This agreement may also be made after the couple gets married. At this time it is referred to as a “postnuptial agreement”. Schedule a FREE Consult with a preeminent Nassau County divorce attorney today to discuss your prenuptial agreement.   

Expert Mediated Divorce
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Mediated Divorce

Divorce mediation is a form of dispute resolution and is an alternative to the harsher, more adversarial and more aggressive form of divorce litigation. Mediation almost always results in an amicable separation where both parties feel that the separation is fair and just. Parenting plans, alimony, and property division are all things that are topics discussed in mediation, as well as alimony amounts and duration. Mediation is ideal for couples who do not necessarily have the resources for a long-term divorce or a simple divorce. This case would involve a division of a small amount of property, and the parties are not entirely disagreeing. If the parents can agree on critical issues such as custody, property and alimony, divorce mediation can be a straightforward and quick process to get to the finish line. However, both spouses must be willing to participate in mediation discussions voluntarily.

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Same-Sex Divorce: Consider an Uncontested Divorce

In 2011, NYS passed the Marriage Equality Act which gave same-sex couples and members of the LGBTQ community the same rights as opposite-sex couples. Up until now, the federal laws have not been the same on this matter, but as of today, there is a bill in front of The House of Representatives making same-sex marriage equality the law, across the board. The bill is expected to pass in December. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has been lobbying hard for The Respect for Marriage Act to become federal law, since his daughter Allison is in a same-sex marriage. The House needs to approve the legislation before sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law. This could happen as early as next week
(the first week in December 2022).

If you need an attorney to help you sort out the benefits and rights you are entitled to in a same-sex divorce, please call our firm. We are proud supporters of the LGBTQ community and firmly believe in equality, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Divorce Lawyer Freeport

Uncontested Divorce
- Save Time

An uncontested divorce is arguably the most economic type of divorce you can file for in Nassau County. It can also be a lifesaver, both for your time, finances, as well as your stress levels. Any party may file for an uncontested divorce on “no-fault” grounds. This kind of divorce means that the party filing may not state any specific reason for the divorce, nor must either spouse have to prove the marriage is no longer working.

Divorce issues include child custody, child support and alimony, debt allocation, and property division. If you and your spouse agree on all of these, then you can opt for an uncontested divorce.

To save you time and money and ensure that every part of the divorce process goes smoothly, it is beneficial to work with an experienced divorce attorney.

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Separation Agreement

If you live separately and apart from your spouse but don’t want to end the marriage with divorce, the parties could enter into a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement is a written agreement you and your spouse sign voluntarily without going to court. Often, a separation agreement can give you and your spouse the time to separate that you need when trying to repair a marriage that may be falling apart. A separation agreement allows you to work things out slowly and over time without the pressure of divorce proceedings hanging over your head.

Helpful Resources for Families in Need

Nassau County Courts

Nassau County Supreme Court

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Phone: 516-493-3400

Nassau County Family Court

1200 Old Country Road Westbury, New York 11590
Phone: 516-493-4000

Nassau County District Court

99 Main St, Hempstead, NY 11550
Phone: 516-493-4200

Nassau County Department of Social Services

60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Uniondale, NY 11553-3656
Phone: 516-227-8519

Nassau County PINS- Persons In Need of Supervision

60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Uniondale, NY 11553-3656
Phone-Information and Intake : 516 – 227-8404

Nassau County Juvenile Detention Center

61 Carman Ave, Westbury, NY 11590
Phone: 516-571-9260

Get answers from the best Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County: Divorce FAQS

Some legal reasons for divorce in NYS. are; domestic violence, abandonment for one or more years, confinement of a spouse in prison for three or more consecutive years following the marriage, and adultery. 

In addition, living apart following a written separation agreement signed by the parties for one or more years is grounds for divorce in NYS. 

It is pretty challenging to estimate how much a divorce will cost, but it could be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over a hundred thousand dollars.  

Even though you are under no obligation to do so, it is wise to consult with an attorney- for any reason you may have to set foot inside a courtroom. This is particularly true of high asset divorces. The top rated Divorce Lawyers in Nassau County will counsel you on the matter.  

The spouse with more income will usually be ordered to pay the other spouse alimony. In a Contested Divorce, the court will decide the amount. 

In New York, assets of a marriage are distributed “equitably.” Equitable distribution means courts try to achieve a fair allocation of property based on a list of factors or guidelines set forth by New York State Law. 

The time you must be divorced from your spouse before filing in New York depends on your claim grounds. You must have been apart from your wife for a minimum of a year to get a “no-fault” divorce. The settings for your fault-based divorce will determine the duration of your separation.

After the divorce is final, either party may start using their pre-marriage name once more.

In New York, a marriage can be annulled if:

  • The previous marriage is still in effect, and one of the spouses’ ex-spouses is still living ,
  • One or both spouses is emotionally disabled or suffering from a mental disease,
  • Physical intimacy is not possible,
  • Fraud or deception was used to get consent for the marriage, or
  • One of the partners has had an incurable mental disorder for at least five years.

If your divorce claim is based on the grounds of desertion, you must prove that your spouse left you for at least one year or more. If you depend on the incarceration defense, you must demonstrate that your partner has been in jail for a minimum of three years.

Before filing for divorce based on the grounds of living apart due to a separation agreement between the parties, you must wait at least a year following the execution of the agreement, 

The No-Fault statute in New York requires one side to affirm in court that the relationship has been irreconcilable for at least six (6) months.

An uncontested divorce can take less than 2 months in some cases. If you have all your documents in order before you file, it will go much quicker than if you don’t. 

An uncontested divorce can be completed, with the assistance of a competent attorney, for somewhere in the area of $2,000, give or take. It depends on the issues involved like child custody, alimony, etc. Speak with a skilled Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County for free. Quick and easy consult!  

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